Sing Yin students won prizes in the OSH Quiz Competition 2015

On 13 September 2015, nine Sing Yin students won the championship and the first runner-up in the Occupational Safety & Health Quiz Competition 2015, which was run by the Occupational Safety & Health Council and the Labour Department. In addition, three other students won the prize of the highest cumulative score.


  • 4E Ho Tsun Ming
  • 4E Chan Ho Fung
  • 4E So Chung Ue
  • 4E Lo Chung Yin

First runner-up

  • 4E Guan Junxia
  • 4E Ng Chak Hei
  • 4E Lam Wing Ching
  • 4E Tong Tak Keung
  • 4C Wong Wing Chow

Highest cumulative score

  • 2D Ng Kwan Shu
  • 2A Ng Kwok Lui
  • 2D Yeung Tsun Wang


The champion: 4E Ho Tsun Ming, 4E Chan Ho Fung, 4E So Chung Ue, 4E Lo Chung Yin



The first runner-up: 4E Guan Junxia, 4E Ng Chak Hei, 4E Lam Wing Ching, 4E Tong Tak Keung, 4C Wong Wing Chow



The highest cumulative score: 2D Ng Kwan Shu, 2A Ng Kwok Lui, 2D Yeung Tsun Wang.