The Divine Word Missionary appointed Fr. H.P. Canavan to prepare for the establishment of Sing Yin Secondary School in Hong Kong.
Sing Yin Secondary School was established at 11 On Tin Street, Lam Tin. It admitted 370 students into F1 and F2 classes.
Official opening was held. Some classrooms were rented for St. Paul's School (Lam Tin).
Kwun Tong Maryknoll College rented some of our rooms for one year.
The first cohort of F5 students graduated. There were 135 students in 4 classes.
The Student Association was set up, and Sing Yin admitted the first class of F6 science students.
Sing Yin admitted the first class of F6 arts students. A few girls were also admitted to our F6 classes.
The first cohort of 24 F7 science students graduated.
The first cohort of F7 arts students graduated.
The Sing Yin Alumni Association was established. Mr. Cheng Yim Poon served as the Chairman.
Fr. H.P. Canavan, the Principal and Supervisor enjoyed a one year sabbatical leave to study overseas. Fr. O'regan served as the Acting Principal.
Lady Wilson, wife of the Governor Wilson, visited Sing Yin.
Fr. H.P. Canavan retired. Fr. Brian Lawless took over as Supervisor. Miss Wong Wai Yein became the new Principal.
Sing Yin could no longer admit female students to its F6 classes as the EDB implemented a new F6 admission scheme.
Cardinal Wu Chun Chung held a Eucharist Mass at Sing Yin to celebrate its 25th Anniversary.
The EDB approved the continuation of the use of English as the medium of instruction in Sing Yin.
A F4 arts class was changed into a science class. As a result, there were 2 arts and 3 science classes.
The Parent Teacher Association was established. Mr. Chan Chak Leung was elected its first Chairman.
The EDB announced the first ever value added reports. Sing Yin had a positive value addedness.
The Principal Miss Wong Wai Yein emigrated to Australia. Mr. Kwok But, the Assistant Principal was promoted to Principal.
The first F1 Infoday was held to introduce Sing Yin to F1 applicants.
The Supervisor Fr. Brian Lawless resigned. Fr. Emilio Lim succeeded him.
The F4 Challenged Class program was initiated.
An annual school profile was published for the first time and distributed to all parents and F1 applicants.
An official staff appraisal system was established.
The New School Year and Mid School Year prize presentations were held for the first time.
The founder of the Divine Word Missionary Fr. Arnold Janssen and the first missionary Fr. Joseph Freinademetz were cannonized.
His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-Kiun, S.D.B, Vice Bishops John TONG Hon and Chan Chi Ming served as Chief Celebrants in the Cannonization Ceremony.
One more science class was established in F6.
The stannine score for the Best 6 Subjects in the HKCEE was 9, the highest score.
Our student Cheung Shi represented Hong Kong for the first time to compete in the International Physics Olympiad and won a bronze medal.
The stake holder survey was conducted for the first time. Teachers, parents and students were satisfied with the education we provided.
Our student Tsui Lok Man won a gold medal in the International Physics Olympiad.
Five years ago, the EDB grouped students into 5 bands instead of 3 bands. The admitted students graduated with similar results as in the past.
The first External School Review was conducted by the EDB. It had high regard for the education we provided.
Due to a decline in student population, the EDB stipulated a class size of no more than 40 for F1 classes.
Our first study tour abroad was held. The destination was the Philippines.
We succeeded in the application of a new campus along New Clear Water Bay Road. It is still in the Kwun Tong school net.
The new senior secondary curriculum started in F4. Our students have to study the 4 core subject, Chinese, English, Maths, Liberal Studies and 3 electives.
The Sing Yin Secondary School Education Foundation Limited was established.
Our F6 student won a gold medal in the International Physics Olympiad hosted by Croatia.
The last cohort of F5 students studying the old HKCEE curriculum graduated.
Because the old and the new curriculum co-existed, we implemented the co-chairman system to enhance the chance of leadership training.
The EDB started the Medium of Instruction Fine Tuning Measures. We stuck to our trilingual, bilierate langauge policy. Most subjects are taught in English.
In July, a giant basic feast was organized in memory of the old campus. Guests, mostly alumni, occupied 128 tables. About 1500 people took part.
We moved to the new campus at 38 New Clear Water Bay Road, and became the first environmental demonstration school in Hong Kong.
Despite the class reduction policy, we maintained 5 classes in F1 to F6.
Because the old and the new curriculum co-existed, we had to operate two more classes, to a total of 33 classes.
We won the English Mock Trial Competition and the Best Lawyer Award for the first time.
The last cohort of F7 students and the first cohort of F6 DSE students graduated.
In the first Diploma of Secondary Education examination, Mr. Chan Chun Ho achieved the best result in HK, with 5** in 8 subjects and a 4 in music.
As a result, Mr. Chan was awarded the Charles Frankland Moore Scholarship.
We won the gold award in the 2012 HK Award for Environmental Excellence, Secondary School Sector.
For the first time, we won the Group and Individual Championship in the HK Geography Olympiad.
In the HK Cup Diplomatic Knowledge Contest organized by the China's Foreign Affairs Department, HK Branch, we won both the Championship and Best Spokesperson Award.
The Supervisor Fr. Emilio Lim resigned. Fr. Johnson Dhos succeeded him.
We won the 2013 Greenest School On Earth Award, which was presented by the US Green School Centre under the US Green Building Council.
The Secretary of Environment Mr. Wong Kam Sing visited us.
The Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Mr. Richard Sullivan of the Massachusetts State of the United States visited us.
The Student Association organzied the first Rond the District Long Distance Run for F6 graduates.
Our F6 student Tam Pok Man won the Grand Prize of the Student of the Year Contest organized by the South China Morning Post.
The Principal Mr. Kwok But retired. Mr. Wong Chi Keung, the Assistant Principal was promoted to Principal.