Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award 2015-16

The 2015/16 Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award was co-organised by the Gifted Education Section of the Education Bureau (EDB) and The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE).

Among more than a thousand entries from over fifty secondary schools in Hong Kong for the Secondary Section, two poems from Li Ho Yeung (4B) received remarkable recognition. The prizes are as follows:

Third Runner-up
Li Ho Yeung 4B – Dai Pai Dong Remembered

Merit Award
Li Ho Yeung 4B – A Global Culture

photo 1

Principal – Mr Wong (left), Mr Yeung, Adjudicator- Dr. Tammy Ho, Prize winner- Li Ho Yeung (right)


photo 2

Adjudicator – Dr. Tammy Ho (left), Prize-winner – Li Ho Yeung (right)


photo 3

Principal – Mr Wong (left), Adjudicator – Dr. Tammy Ho, Prize-winner – Li Ho Yeung, Ms Lo (right)