Mentorship Programme – a Visit to Tuen Mun Hospital



師友計劃 -- 參觀屯門醫院
Mentorship Programme – a Visit to Tuen Mun Hospital


Sing Yin Secondary School

Sing Yin Alumni Association


師友計劃目的有二: 其一, 向同學介紹職場現況、機遇和挑戰、所需要的裝備。其二, 建立同學與校友之間的關係, 加強本校薪火相傳的文化。

得力於校友會的支持及 林永賢校友的幫助, 本校於2016年12月22日安排5位同學參觀屯門醫院, 並向多位醫護人員請教及學習。

導師簡介 : 林永賢校友1976年於本校畢業。在香港大學修讀醫科,及英、美著名學府深造。歷任大學醫學院榮譽副教授、病理學家和香港認可處技術評審顧問。近年,為本校成立「林永賢語文獎學金」及擔任講座嘉賓。

行程:參觀殮房, 驗屍室及病理學部 -> 與林醫生及多位年輕醫生交流 -> 與林醫生共進午飯 -> 參觀血液及分子部 -> 參觀林醫生的工作間。


There are two aims for the Mentorship Programme:

  1. To introduce students to the opportunities and challenges, and the skills needed in real workplace situations.
  2. To cultivate a strong bond between existing students and alumni

Thanks to the help of Sing Yin Alumni Association and our alumnus Mr Lam Wing Yin, a visit to the Tuen Mun Hospital was successfully conducted. Students who joined the visit have learned a lot from the health care professionals.

Instructor’s profile:

Dr. Lam Wing Yin graduated from Sing Yin in 1976. He went on to study medicine at the University of Hong Kong and furthered his studies at prestigious universities in the UK and the US. He has been an honorary assistant professor of Medicine, a pathologist and a technical assessment consultant at the Hong Kong Accreditation Service. Dr. Lam has set up the“Lam Wing Yin Language Scholarship’ recently and has helped in several workshops as a guest speaker.


photo 002

與林醫生及多位年輕醫生交流, 談生活, 談興趣, 談志向
Dr. Lam is sharing with young practitioners on personal interests and life in general.


photo 003

在林醫生的大本營 —“病理學部”門前留映
A photo taken outside the base of Dr Lam – Department of Pathology


photo 004

午飯時間, 林醫生與我們笑談昔日趣事
Dr Lam reminisced about the past with us during lunch hour.


photo 005

photo 006

林醫生的工作間, 有工具書, 有文史書, 也有他心愛的模型
Technical, literary and history books and Dr. Lam’s beloved models in his work place.